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MIZU is a lunch cafe freshly opened in Jan. 2015, on the attractive tranquil street of Museokatu in Töölö area of Helsinki.

MIZU is a very unique place, offers you cozy atmosphere and good tastes with bits from Japan where our origin is. 

There wouldn't be such a similar place you could find in Helsinki.


We wish our cafe would be the place where people gather, smile, feel comfortable and want to visit again

-  like an oasis - that is our thoughts behind of our name, MIZU. 


- just as we say in Japan - 

Irasshaimase - we welcome you 

Arigatougozaimashita - we thank for your visit 



- Opening hours -

   Mon - Fri : 11:00 - 18:00

   Sat and Sun : Closed       

   only Take away at the moment

- New Donburi menu !!! -

Please have a try our Donburi menu !


More information is available on our facebook " MIZU 「水」"



"HOKUO" means Northern Europe in Japanese. Hokuo roll is new type of "maki-sushi" - it is unique, casual, healthy and most important tasty sushi. We prepare the ingredients and roll every morning at our kitchen so it is very fresh.


There are five different tastes of Hokuo rolls, Meatball, Tuna, Teriyaki chicken, Shrimp and Salmon

The combination of the ingredients are carefully chosen and the well harmonized flavor will spread in your mouth.


On top of that, the rice we use is "Koshihikari" considered as one of the best rice in Japan.

We are also very precise about the seaweed and vinegar and we thoughtfully select rice-vinegar as a less allergic choice.


We are looking forward to having you here to taste our Hokuo rolls for your new experience!





Besides the ready made Hokuo rolls, you can also make your own roll.


The variation of fillings is wide - 14 kinds or more - you can freely choose what you want and we will roll it for you. This is called Toivo Hokuo roll.


For instance, if you are a vegitarian, your choices for the fillings are only vegetables. If you are allergic to gluten, you can just choose gluten-free ingredients. 


Just in case, if you are not a big fan of sushi, we have some bread such as croissant for your choice, then you can make a sandwich with your own favorite taste!

MIZU,Lunch,Lounas,Cafe,Kahvila,Take away,フィンランド,ヘルシンキ,日本食,レストラン,カフェ,japanilainen,ravintola,kahvila


Hokuo roll set - includes two Hokuo rolls and miso-soup or tea or coffee. You can choose two of your favorites from those five ready-made rolls. By adding only one euro, you can make it Toivo Hokuo roll set, which allows you to choose your own ingredients accoring to your flavor. 


Temaki set - it is roll-by-yourself-sushi. You can choose six kinds of your favorite fillings and it will be served with surhi-rice and four pieces of nori-seaweed. Miso-soup or tea or coffee is coming along.  We do "temaki" quite often when family or friends gather together in Japan. This set is getting more and more popular and we are sure you will find it unique and enjoyable experience, so please try.


Miso-soup set - this is suitable if you are looking for something light for your lunch. It is a set of a large bowl of miso-soup with two rice balls "onigiri".  Very simple but tastes so good.


> More pictures at Gallery below (See more at Gallary below)



We are open on Saturdays !

Our standard menu is available. Besides that, we often prepare a special brunch menu such as Japanese style curry with salad, meat sauce spagetti with mozzarella salad, ramen noodle...etc.


The special brunch menu will be updated on our Facebook page, so please follow us so that you won't miss it. >



Plannig a small party with friends or family?

Please try our catering service. We will  prepare party food according to your budget.


You can also book a table for your party here in our cafe. We will serve you with special private menu according to your wishes.             -> Catering menu here

If you would like to order our catering service or make a reservation for specal menu at cafe, please call or send an inqury by email.  ->   contact  


MIZU,Lunch,Lounas,Cafe,Kahvila,Take away,フィンランド,ヘルシンキ,日本食,レストラン,カフェ,japanilainen,ravintola,kahvila

Matcha roll cake

MIZU,Lunch,Lounas,Cafe,Kahvila,Take away,フィンランド,ヘルシンキ,日本食,レストラン,カフェ,japanilainen,ravintola,kahvila

Matcha cup cake

weets we have are very unique, probably you may not be able to find same kinds in anywhere else in Helsinki. They are not factory-made at all, we make them by ourselves at the cafe. 

For example...



- Matcha roll cake -

 is swiss roll,  a type of sponge cake roll filled with our special cream and red bean paste. The sponge, baked with "matcha" (finely milled green tea), is so soft and almost melting on your tongue. 


- Castella -  

 is a Japanese sponge cake. It looks very simple but the taste is rich and sweet. You would be surprised by the texture, how soft it is.  


- An-Danish -

is a pie with "anko" (read bean paste) stuffed in. It is offered slightly warmed up with some butter or margarine. 


- Matcha cup cake -

is a muffine with mathca and white chocolate. It is very good size when you need something small to eat.



Quite often we prepare something else than listed above.

Quiche, Japanese style custurd pudding, rice crispy...etc.

Come and check our showcase what is available on that day. 


An Danish

MIZU,Lunch,Lounas,Cafe,Kahvila,Take away,フィンランド,ヘルシンキ,日本食,レストラン,カフェ,japanilainen,ravintola,kahvila






We offer good coffee !

Coffee beans we use for drip coffee are roaseted in Helsinki, at MAJA coffee roastery which is getting popular and well-known among the coffee lovers. Please have a try the freshly roasted coffee. 


Drip (Karita)



Cafe latte







We have real Japanese tea imported from Japan. We have four kinds of tea you can enjoy. 


Ryoku-cha - Green tea, very fresh flavor with sweet mild tastes. 

Houji-cha - Roasted green tea. Blown color, less caffeine, soft in stomach.

Gemmai-cha - Green tea with roasted brown rice. Fragrant tastes.

Matcha - Finely milled green tea. We can serve you "omatcha" - matcha tea in a bowl or "matcha-latte" - matcha with steamed milk. 






We don't leave out the ordinary tea from our drink menu.

Assam, English Breakfast, Earl grey, Keisarin Morsian, Rooibos and Chai

We can make Tea-latte with Earl grey for your new experience. 

Hokuo roll set
Hokuo roll set
Temaki set
Temaki set
Teriyaki chicken donburi
Teriyaki chicken donburi
Spicy pork donburi
Spicy pork donburi
Miso soup set
Miso soup set
Kesä udon
Kesä udon
Hokuo salad noodle
Hokuo salad noodle
Matcha latte
Matcha latte
Matcha cup cake and Cappuccino
Matcha cup cake and Cappuccino
Green tea and Daifuku
Green tea and Daifuku
weekend brunch 01
weekend brunch 01
weekend brunch 02
weekend brunch 02


Museokatu 28, 00100 HELSINKI


Tel +358 50 3719 882

E-mail  mizu(at)


Access on foot

- from Kamppi (15 mins)

- Tram #2,8, Apollonkatu stop, 4 mins

- Tram #4,7,10, Kansallismuseo, 5 mins 


Opening hours (Aukioloajat)

Mon (Ma) - Fri (Per)

11:00 - 18:00


Sat (Lau) and Sun (Su) 


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